Blue Coat is focused on developing proxy appliances that provide powerful visibility and control of all Web communications. Blue Coat Proxy SG and ProxyAV appliances allow organizations such as ABN-Amro, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, CompUSA, Discover, Hitachi Data Systems, John Deere, and the U.S. Air Force, to rapidly deploy applications such as content filtering, spyware prevention, Web virus scanning, IM and P2P control, Web proxy and bandwidth management while actually improving Web performance.

The Proxy SG™ family of appliances includes the award-winning ProxySG 400 Series, 800 Series and 8000 Series. Based on Blue Coat SGOS™, a custom, object-based operating system with integrated caching, these proxy appliances leverage existing authentication systems to enable granular policy enforcement down to the individual user. Blue Coat's end-to-end product portfolio includes powerful reporting, policy and configuration management software - delivering a scalable proxy system architecture for centralized or distributed enterprise environments. Delivered as a rack mountable appliance for simple installation and management, these ICSA-certified solutions easily integrate with existing security and network infrastructure.
The ProxyAV family of appliances integrates with the ProxySG to provide scalability and performance in real-time scanning of Web-based file downloads for viruses, worms and trojans. Pairing the ProxyAV with the ProxySG provides significant advantages for high-speed Web virus scanning that standalone systems cannot match. Both the
ProxyAV 400 and ProxyAV 2000 provide the same comprehensive features with easy deployment - and a choice of virus scanning engines from Sophos and McAfee.

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