iPass delivers simple, secure and manageable enterprise mobility services that maximize the productivity of workers as they move between office, home and remote locations. iPass connectivity services utilize the iPass global virtual network, a unified fabric of hundreds of dial-up, wireless, and broadband providers in over 150 countries. iPass security servicesˇXbased on unique Policy Orchestration capabilitiesˇXwork to close the gaps in protecting computers, networks assets, user identities and data over all remote and mobile internet connections.

iPass services shield both enterprise workers and the enterprise IT department from an increasingly complex connectivity environment marked by a variety of broadband and wireless access methods as well as dangerous security threats. Remote and mobile workers get a unified connection experience that simplifies getting to the information they need, while IT managers get visibility, control, and policy enforcement capabilities.

A leader in mobile connectivity innovation and research, iPass has developed a flexible and scalable virtual network platform that weaves together numerous access methods into a footprint of over 40,000 access points. iPass also provides Policy Orchestration over this platform, the ability to coordinate the operation of leading 3rd-party endpoint and network security products in the service of enforcing enterprise policies over all remote and mobile internet connections.

Hundreds of Global 2000 companies such as General Motors, Dow Corning, and Mellon Financial choose iPass not only for the depth and breadth of its network, but also for its commitment to lowering total cost of ownership. iPass simplifies service installation, operation, management and support through value-added services such as professional service deployment, extensive training, global carrier-grade operational systems, Web-enabled management tools and an award-winning universal client. A public company (NASDAQ: IPAS), iPass is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, with offices in North America, Europe and Asia.


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